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The HND is a widely recognized diploma certification obtained by students from various renowned UK universities after completing a two-year diploma program.

What Is HND?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Examining a learner's knowledge, abilities, expertise, and talents in a certain subject or profession is the main goal of assessment. In order to help identify areas of strength and areas in need of growth and to drive future teaching and learning practices, it strives to provide feedback to both educators and learners.

Formative Assessment :

This kind of evaluation takes place while students are still learning. It attempts to give students feedback to direct their education and enhance concepts. Formative evaluations consist of conversations, tests, or comments on drafts and are frequently low-stakes.

Summative Assessment:

These assessments are used for assessing a student's general understanding and competency at the conclusion of a lesson. As it goes toward the final grade or certification, the stakes are usually larger. Projects, term papers, and final examinations are a few examples.

Depending on the particular course requirements, there may be differences in the rules of resubmitting assignments for better grades. In general, it's a good idea to inquire with your department or course tutor to find out what the process is and whether resubmitting is permitted.

HND has 5 levels of qualifications that can be granted by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality and BTEC HND, among other organizations. There are 240 credits in an HND. Two thirds of an undergraduate degree that is typical in length is that.


HNC, known as a higher national certificate, is generally equivalent to the 1 year of university. Its main objective is to impart fundamental knowledge and abilities in a particular field.


HND is a two year advance course equivalent to the first 2 years of university It expands on the information and abilities learned in an HNC program and frequently consists of more specialized and hands-on elements, including projects or job placements.