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Good Topics for English Assignment Students

Best English Assignment Topics for College Students

Starting to write an English assignment and finding good topics for English assignments may be exhilarating as well as difficult. Because English is such a large language, there are an extensive number of areas to study, ranging from linguistics and literature to creative writing and communication studies.

It is difficult to choose some good topics for English assignments and also deal in business management assignment help. Check these topics. It is only possible to discover the best topics for the assignment

Unique English Assignment Topics:

Some students are naturally creative when it comes to creating unique English assignment help topics. However, for other students, it could be a horrific nightmare. As soon as they learn about the essay subjects they have to turn in by the deadline, students begin to worry.

Look for these unique English assignments topics which are assigned to students in schools, colleges and universities.

Inspiring English Literature Assignment Topics:

A literary work including a book, poetry, novel, play, or tale, is the subject of a literary research paper topic. They help eliminate any false facet and offer a perfect beginning point for seeing the specific feature you wish to examine for a deeper understanding of the concept. Here are some assignment topics for English literature.

  1. Wordsworth’s poetry and nature image.
  2. The legacy of William Shakespeare and his interpretation of time and love
  3. Themes of Love in “Romeo and Juliet” 
  4. The nature of humans in “Lord of the Flies” 
  5. Culture and criticism

General Topics:

Here we have listed some of the subjects that are most talked about among university undergraduates. We handpicked some normal topics for assignment in English as a springboard to ignite your thinking–to give you the basic knowledge and an actual start in coming up with possible ideas.

  1. What are eating disorders and how do they affect the life of youngsters?
  2. The history and the future of feminism. What is the impact of assisted suicides on their family member?
  3. Usage of mobile phone in early childhood
  4. Can people develop leadership skills over time?
  5. Beneficial effects of yoga.
  6. The positive effect of exercise in obese women.
  7. Importance of writing skills and strategy.
  8. Discussing the issue of domestic child abuse instances and the role that educators play in this.
  9. How does coronavirus affect our overall health?
  10. Education and women empowerment.

News And Current Affairs:

When we talk about the English essay topics new and current affairs jump into our mind

  1. Are newspapers and magazines going out of fashion in this digital era?
  2. Facts and myths about the Bermuda Triangle.
  3. In this Digital Age, do traditional journalists need to change to fit new roles? 
  4. Are speeches made by public servants and politicians frequently “fact-checked”? 
  5. Is feminism a trap?
  6. The importance of digital money nowadays.
  7. Cryptocurrency and its issues.
  8. Is online schooling or the education system beneficial?
  9. Challenges of urbanization.
  10. World of AI

Mind And Mental Peace:

Topics related to mental health research are growing more and more significant in today’s culture. Students have to understand the origins and effects of mental diseases like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to their increasing prevalence. We can prevent and treat mental health disorders before it’s too late by researching the topic.

This is the reason why we have put together this list of ideas and themes for mental health research papers that include a range of issues. From psychological conditions to the social role of mental health and treatment approaches.


  1. Side effects of drugs on brain functioning.
  2. How damaging are violent video games to young children’s developing minds? 
  3. AI and Human.
  4. What is racism, and what impact has it had on contemporary society? 
  5. What triggers PTSD, and what are the available treatments for it?
  6. How does binge eating affect the mental health of students?
  7. Fear of failure in the life of a student that increases the chance of depression
  8. Positive effects of meditation on the mental health
  9. Proven results of meditation in reducing stress
  10. Art of yoga and meditation

Sports And Students:

An integral aspect of a student’s life is sports. Sports and games are so important that the school curriculum incorporates them without any hesitation. From a very young age, students are taught the importance of physical activity in their lives.

Do you agree with us? Did your teacher assign you to write essays on a variety of sports-related topics? If so, you now most likely understand why. We’ve put together a collection of sports essay ideas that will encourage you to embrace the sports world without any hesitation. We have discussed the value of sports, the necessity of a guide in sports, and the significance of exercise in daily life in this work.


  1. Role of sport in the health of young people
  2. Sport, the cure for a healthy lifestyle
  3. Are sports for boys only?
  4. Importance of media in sport
  5. Sports make the heart run.
  6. Social issues in sports and activities in the life of an athlete
  7. Media representation of men and women in sports
  8. Women in sports fair or unfair?
  9. Role of nutrition in the life of an athlete.
  10. What prevents women in sports from making a mark?

English Assignment About Social Media:

Social media, which is actively used by billions of people worldwide, has impacted a wide range of human lives, including news, jobs, relationships, commerce, criminal investigations, mental health, and even revolutions.

 This explains why topics related to  social media essays are so common in schools, colleges and universities here are some common topics for English assignments

  1. Has our attention span been impacted by technology?
  2. World of cyber security
  3. Is having too many connected devices at home beneficial?
  4. What steps should women take to prevent being harassed on social media? 
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of social media.
  6. Impact of Social Media on the Life of Youngsters
  7. Fake world in a real world
  8. Youtube as a teacher
  9. My favourite celebrity my inspiration
  10. What are the greatest ways to decompress during college breaks?

Education And School:

The English language has grown to be quite important in many nations throughout the world. students are urged to develop their writing style and become more expressive in their writing.

Some eye-catching topics for your English assignment related to education are listed below

  1. Counslor’ function in public school
  2. Role of modern technology in schools
  3. Importance of physical education in schools
  4. Gender discrimination in schools
  5. AI and students
  6. Student teacher relationship
  7. Role of a good teacher
  8. Diversity in learning and teaching styles
  9. Teaching as a profession
  10. Education is the key to success

Art, culture and music:

Make your research more fun and interesting by adding some fun ideas related to the field of art and culture and music would be a great idea here are some topics for your English assignment

  1. Role of art in our culture
  2. An artistic view of life
  3. Importance of individual identity for culture
  4. Life of a drummer
  5. Similarities between different culture
  6. Dream of picasso
  7. Impact of religion on culture and society
  8. The link between culture and gender
  9. Difference between the Eastern and Western world
  10. Impact of music on mental health

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